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About the Artist - Sheri Gordon


As a proud prairie girl hailing from Canada, my lifelong love for horses was cultivated in a family that valued horsepower. Though I didn't have the opportunity to own a horse during my upbringing, I discovered solace and self-expression through the art of drawing. In retrospect, I'm immensely grateful for that creative outlet, as it kindled my imagination and nurtured my profound appreciation for the surreal and fantastical qualities that horses represent.

Now in my 50s, I'm thrilled to have actualized my lifelong dream of owning my very own Beautiful Black Horse. Alongside my faithful canine companion and a delightful assortment of feathered friends, I revel in the captivating beauty of my aspen forest parkland home, savoring the tranquility it bestows upon me.

As an artist, my heart finds solace in the exploration of diverse mediums, including painting, photography, and graphic design. Yet, it is my enduring love for soft pastels that holds a cherished place within me.

Having been enamored with horses since my early years, their unparalleled beauty continues to captivate me. The fluidity of their movements, the commanding presence they exude, and the depth of their intelligent eyes are all sources of perpetual fascination. When I set out to depict horses on canvas, my objective is to encapsulate their grace, elegance, and the raw energy that emanates from their interactions and playful nature. Through my pastel paintings, I strive to unveil their innate allure, aiming to convey the profound joy and unbridled freedom that arises from witnessing horses in their natural state.

In addition to my equestrian passion, I am an avid devotee of nature, finding great delight in pursuing storm chasing as a hobby. This deep connection with the natural world inspires me to portray its resplendent beauty through landscape paintings that depict the awe-inspiring wonders that surround us.

Each brushstroke, shutter click, or graphic creation represents a harmonious dance with the elements, enabling me to express my innermost self. It is my sincerest aspiration that my artworks resonate with viewers, evoking a sense of wonder, stirring emotions, and inviting them into a realm where beauty transcends the confines of the canvas.


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