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Design Work

Over the years I have created many websites & advertising designs for artists. If you're an artist in need of a website, contact me and we can talk. My prices are very affordable.

I also take great joy in photographing nature in all it's splendor and beauty, including storm photography. You can buy stock photos of my work on

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Born and raised in the Saskatchewan prairies, artist Sheri Gordon brings into her art a lifelong passion for horses and nature. She seeks to inspire the best in every viewer of her art by working in a highly realistic manner using a variety of mediums, including pastel, coloured pencil, acrylic and oil paint.

Sheri has exhibited in various shows both locally & internationally and has won several awards. She has been asked to judge several shows over the years, and has mentored artists both locally and abroad. Her works are highly sought after and collected throughout North America.

Specializing as an artist creating 'equestrian art for the dreamer', Sheri hopes to find that special place in our souls where the horse will always be...magic.